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Angelica Pickles

Angelica C. Pickles is a character from the Nickelodeon shows Rugrats and All Grown Up!, and was among the series' original characters. She is a spoiled brat and cousin of Tommy and Dil Pickles.
Angelica's physical features and clothing on Rugrats were blonde hair with 2 pigtails (each punctuated with a large purple bow), a red-and-black-striped shirt with flared cuffs, a purple jumper, blue tights with green dots, red socks, and purple sneakers. In some early episodes she also wore diapers. She is an only child -- as a result, she has become a very spoiled child whose parents tend to her every need and give her anything she wants without cease. Her parents--Drew and Charlotte-- are hardly ever around because of their jobs, which in turn may mean that her parents are neglectful; they also rarely punish or discipline her. She whines and cries to get what she wants, and has a very whiny voice.
Although she has grown up, Angelica continues to be mean and spoiled. Since turning 13 (see below) has been doing many stereotypical "teen things" like getting a cell phone, pursuing boys, and getting the latest trends in fashion. Also, she still constantly rivals Susie, mostly at singing.
One of Angelica's most important storylines was when she turned 13 in "Lucky 13", and had many things to deal with: an obligation to invite the other kids to her birthday party, and a popular teenager, Savannah, organizing a spring bash to lure away any other potential party-goers. Savannah has since warmed up to Angelica, even letting her sit at the "popular" table at the cafeteria.
Angelica's absence from All Grown Up!'s first Christmas special (first transmitted: December 7, 2004) was seen as controversial, for two reasons: one, both of Rugrats' Christmas specials had plotlines which were centered on her, and two, all the other regular characters on the show (including Susie, who mentioned that she was gone on vacation in Aspen) were in that episode.

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