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Rex the Wonder Dog

Rex the Wonder Dog is a fictional dog in the DC Comics universe created in 1952. He starred in his own bi-monthly series, The Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog for eight years. It was written by Robert Kanigher of Wonder Woman fame and was illustrated by Alex Toth, who later went on to create Hanna-Barbera's Space Ghost. Rex has sometimes been compared to Superman's dog Krypto, who was created three years after, and though the two canine crime fighters do share similarities, they are decidedly different characters.
Rex has abilities far beyond those of normal dogs, and shows an understanding of the world around him that's comparable to most humans. Aside from being a trained attack dog, Rex can perform a number of human functions, possible through mimicry. It should be noted that the deductive reasoning required for his investigative exploits cannot be achieved through mimicry. Rex also has revitalized health stemming from a drink from the Fountain of Youth.

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