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Hellsing is an anime and manga series by Kouta Hirano. The manga series began in 1997, and is still being published monthly in Young King Ours magazine, in Japan. A 13 episode TV series was produced by Studio GONZO in 2001, and a new OVA series is planned that will cover the original story of the manga. The anime series was broadcasted on Fuji Television in Japan from October 10, 2001 to January 16, 2002 and in the US on Starz!'s Encore Action channel from October 4, 2003 to December 27, 2003. As of December, 2005, the TV series has been broadcasted since August of the same year on Animax Latinoamerica; the Latin-American branch of the satellite TV network owned by Sony Corp. which offer programing consisting exclusively of Anime works. The OVA series is being produced by Geneon Entertainment, Inc. and the animation studio Satelight. The first few episodes of the TV series were screened at the "The Future of the Toons" (anime) showcase at 2005 Future Film Festival in Italy (some of the other anime screened: FLCL, Wolf's Rain, and RahXephon). The English version of the manga is published by Dark Horse, the French version by Editions Tonkam, the German version by Planet Manga, the Spanish one by Norma, and the Polish one by J.P. Fantastica.

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