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The Avengers

Stan Lee Presents Essential Avengers : Collecting Avengers #47-68 & Annual #2 Stan Lee Presents Essential Avengers : Collecting Avengers #47-68 & Annual #2 - $10.47 USD

The Avengers are a Marvel Comics superhero team, consisting of many of the Marvel Universe's most popular and powerful heroes. The Avengers first appeared in their own comic book, titled The Avengers, in September 1963 (the same month as the debut of the X-Men). The team was created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers as an answer to DC Comics' Justice League. Marvel Comics' original answer to the Justice League a group of already established superheroes was to create the Fantastic Four, a team of original characters who had never previously appeared. The Avengers, created two years later, were truer to the concept of the all-star superhero team.
Unlike most other superhero teams in the Marvel Universe, the Avengers team received official recognition from the government almost from the beginning and their authority was recognized internationally throughout most of their history, although the extent of that recognition has waxed and waned. As stated in the preamble that graced the top of the first page of the comic throughout the 1970s, the Avengers' purpose is to "fight the foes no single super hero could withstand." To that end, the roster of "Earth's Mightest Heroes" has featured humans, nonhumans, mechanical heroes, former villains and supernatural beings. Despite their many differences (which often erupted into infighting), they have managed to unite into a cohesive team to combat extraordinary threats to the world, coming together to their rallying cry, "Avengers Assemble!"
The series has continued, essentially uninterrupted, to the present day, with stories often exploring the meaning of what it means to be human or superhuman, and the role and responsibilities of superheroes.
Alex Ross Marvel Avengers SIGNED Litho - Framed
Alex Ross Marvel Avengers SIGNED Litho - Framed
Experience the Marvel Universe like never before with this stunning autographed litho print by renowned artist Alex Ross. This spectacular presentation of 24 Marvel heroes is vintage work by one of the best comic book artists in history. From Thor's intensity to Spider-Man's stealth, a super-powerful aura is pervasive across the entire 21.5" high x 41" wide litho. The signed litho can be purchased with high-quality framing (as shown) or ordered unframed (see separate item entry). Each limited-edition (250) lithograph bears Mr. Ross's signature. It features an embossed Upper Deck Entertainment logo is authenticated by Upper Deck Authenticated's patented 5-Step authentication process. From September 1st, 2005.
$399.99 USD

The Avengers Movies

Avengers Assemble Avengers Assemble $26.24 USD NEW, Hardcover

The Avengers appeared in a 1966 animated series, alternating with the characters of several other Marvel comics of the time. This series is remembered for the poor quality of its animation, which often simply transferred comic book panels directly to film without adding much in the way of motion.
The Avengers (also known as The Avengers: United We Stand), was an animated series consisting of 13 episodes. It originally aired from October 30th, 1999 to February 26th, 2000, and was produced by Avi Arad and distributed by 20th Century Fox Television. This series featuring a somewhat peculiar team comprising of the Wasp, Wonder-Man, Tigra, Hawkeye, and Scarlet Witch, led by Ant-Man. The Falcon and the Vision were added to the roster in the opening episodes. Quite strangely, the characters best-known as Avengers hardly appeared at all: Captain America made only one appearance in episode #6; Iron Man only briefly in episode #8. Thor did not appear in the series outside of the opening titles.
The series saw the Avengers battle such comic book enemies as Ultron, Kang the Conqueror and Egghead. The team itself had undergone some very drastic changes from their comic representation. These Avengers were consideribly more militaristic and their efforts were more formally coordinated, with a plethora of 'maneuvres' and offensive and defensive formations, as well as various gadgets and vehicles.

The Avengers Merchandise

Avengers Assemble (Avengers Hardcover)
Avengers Assemble (Avengers) (Hardcover) Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and a large gathering of Avengers battle evil sorceress Morgan Le Fay in a strange medieval reality.
Author: Busiek, Kurt/ Perez, George/ Kaminski, Len/ Pacheco, Carlos.
Published On: 2004/09/30. Language: ENGLISH
$29.99 USD
Avengers Stickers
Paperback $6.57 USD

Essential Avengers
Essential Avengers
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