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Quackula came to be when Filmation Associates (Sport Billy, He-Man) licensed a couple of old Terrytoons characters for use in a new hour-long Saturday morning TV series, and needed something new to help fill it up. The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse and Heckle & Jeckle debuted on CBS, on September 8, 1979, with Quackula as one of its segments.
Quackula was a duck by species. He looked a little like Daffy, except for his pale blue skin, fangs, and the fact that he wore the kind of cloak nobody but a vampire would be caught dead in. True to his vampiric nature, he slept by day in a coffin, but his coffin was shaped like a duck's egg. His voice was provided by Frank Welker, who also did Dynomutt, Gogo Dodo in Tiny Toon Adventures, and many other roles in animation. Quackula's steadiest would-be scare victim, Theodore H. Bear, was voiced by Norm Prescott, better known as one of the show's producers than for his voice work.

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