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Bizarro is a fictional character who is a failed duplicate of Superman. The original Bizarro was created by a Mad scientist in an attempt to duplicate Superboy.
The later Bizarro was created by Lex Luthor, who used the "duplicating ray" on the adult Superman and hoped to use the duplicate to attack Superman. However, this Bizarro did not cooperate and instead tried to emulate Superman. Unfortunately, his attempts to match the original's heroics were clumsy and destructive, and he kidnapped Lois. This was resolved when Lois created a Bizarro-Lois for Bizarro using the "duplication ray". Feeling rejected by the people of Earth, they moved to the world of Htrae, which had ancient advanced technology which was used to populate the planet with other Bizarros created in the same manner. Almost everyone on Htrae looked like an ugly Superman (and possessed super powers) or an ugly Lois Lane. When Superman visited, he was arrested for being normal, but he plea-bargained a proposal to change the shape of the world into a cube for his release.
His only weakness was blue Kryptonite, created by using the same machine to duplicate green Kryptonite. Though Bizarro acts in what he believes to be the best manner, his Bizarro logic often causes him to act for evil.
Originally Bizarro's abilities were the same as Superman's, but he was hit by a meteorite which reversed his powers: flame breath, ice vision, microscopic vision that actually increased the size of things, X-ray vision that could only see through lead, etc. Superman had to deal with these new powers in Superman Vol #1 #333 (1979) when Bizarro says he is going to save Lois Lane (meaning in "bizarro logic" he is going to kill her.)

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