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Land of the Dead

Land of the Dead (earlier script titles: Dead City, Dead Reckoning) is the fourth in the series started by Night of the Living Dead, which continued with the sequels Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead.

Land of the Dead Movie

It is the first movie in the series to receive an MPAA rating for its theatrical release. Romero had said for years that he would film two versions; an R rated cut for the theatres and first DVD, and an unrated cut for the second DVD release. Both DVDs were released in the US on October 18 2005. Rumors suggested that Romero shot alternate, less explicit, gore scenes for the theatrical release, but this is not entirely accurate. The more extreme instances of gore were obscured by foreground elements filmed on bluescreen, so that these overlayed elements could be easily removed for the unrated DVD. Other ways to obscure blood in order to get an R-rating were achieved by simply trimming the grislier shots by a few seconds, or by digitally repainting blood so that it is more black than red, or digitally painting the blood out altogether. The Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario gave both the theatrical version and DVD version a rating of 18A. In the UK the BBFC gave it a 15 certificate for both the theatrical and unrated versions.
Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright have cameos as zombies, based on Romero's love of their heartfelt zombie send-up Shaun of the Dead. Tom Savini can also be briefly seen as a zombie (credited as "Machete Zombie"), reprising his character Blades from Dawn of the Dead. This marks the first time an actor has reprised a role in a Romero zombie movie.
The script for the movie was released on the Internet, but was removed after Universal Studios took action.

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