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Dr. Reginald Bushroot is a fictional character, a supervillain from the animated television series Darkwing Duck, produced by Disney.
This duck scientist-turned-villain was once a renowned botanist, but his funding for his experiments into grafting the ability to photosynthesize onto animals was about to be cut off. Desperate to prove his theories were correct and the experiment would work, Bushroot performed the experiment on himself and was permanently transformed into a half-duck half-plant creature. He used his newfound talent to pursue revenge on rival scientists who had nicknamed him "Reggie the Veggie" , as well as to woo Dr. Rhoda Dendron, a comely fellow female scientist, who had previously defended Bushroot from bullies. However, Rhoda was dismayed by Bushroot's lack of scientific ethics, and shunned him when he appeared before her. Heartbroken and not a little insane, Bushroot took her hostage, intending to perform the same experiment that turned him into a half-duck, half-plant creature on her.

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