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Tomb of Dracula

Tomb of Dracula is a horror comic book published by Marvel Comics from April 1972 to August 1979. The 70-issue series featured a group of vampire hunters who fought Count Dracula and other supernatural menaces. On rare occasions, Dracula would work with these vampire hunters against a common threat or battle other supernatural threats on his own, but more often than not, he was the antagonist rather than protagonist. In addition to his supernatural battles in this series, Marvel's Dracula often served as a supervillain to others characters in the Marvel Universe, battling the likes of Spider-Man, Werewolf by Night, and even the licensed Robert E. Howard character Solomon Kane.
The entire run of Tomb of Dracula was penciled by Gene Colan, with Tom Palmer inking virtually all. The first half-dozen issues were written by Gerry Conway, Arnold Drake, and Gardner Fox, but the title did not hit its stride until Marv Wolfman permanently took over the scripting chores on the seventh issue.
The color title was succeeded by a black-and-white magazine that lasted for only six issues. An earlier magazine, Dracula Lives!, ran for two years. The main title was also supplemented by a "Giant-Size" companion quarterly that ran for five issues in the mid-1970s.
Although Dracula (and all other vampires in the Marvel Universe) were eventually destroyed by the mystical "Montesi Formula" in the pages of Doctor Strange, the vampire lord was revived. Marvel published a four-issue Tomb of Dracula miniseries, reuniting Wolfman and Colan, under its Epic Comics imprint in 1991, and revived Dracula and his foes in the short-lived Nightstalkers and Blade series in the 1990s. Most recently, Dracula took the title role in the miniseries Dracula: Lord of the Undead.
Marvel published a four-volume, black-and-white Essential Tomb of Dracula collection, with the first three collecting the 70 issues of Tomb of Dracula plus selections from the black-and-white Tomb of Dracula magazine, and the fourth reprinting the comics stories from Dracula Lives and the remainder of the stories from the Tomb of Dracula magazine. Following the success of these reprints, Dracula returned in three new four-issue miniseries. Stoker's Dracula continued and concluded the adaptation of Dracula that had begun in Dracula Lives twenty years prior, and a new Tomb of Dracula miniseries followed. X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Dracula featured Dracula battling the immortal foe of the X-Men in Victorian London.

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