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Sugar and Spike

Sugar and Spike is the name of a comic book series published by DC Comics from 1956 through 1992. Sugar and Spike was created and written by Sheldon Mayer.
The comic featured the misadventures of two toddlers named Sugar Plumm and Cecil "Spike" Williams, who possessed the ability to communicate (via "baby talk") with each other and to other infants, but not to adults. It was in many ways similar to the cartoon Rugrats.
The comic was published in the United States up through the early 1970s after 98 issues, when, thanks to a shift in the American comic book market toward a near-exclusive emphasis on superheroes, Sugar and Spike ceased to appear. However, Mayer continued to write Sugar and Spike stories up until his death in 1992; these stories, with a few rare exceptions, appeared in overseas markets.
Mayer had an agreement with DC that no-one else could write Sugar and Spike. However, they have appeared occasionally in the modern DC Universe without stories attatched to them, as theme park characters in Justice League Spectacular, being baby-sat by Cassie Sandsmark in Wonder Woman #113, and as teenagers on the crowded cover of Legionnaires #43.

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