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Ernie is a fictional character, a Muppet on PBS' long-running children's television show, Sesame Street. He and Bert form a comic duo that is one of the program's centerpieces, with Ernie acting the role of the naïve trouble-maker and Bert the world-weary foil.
Ernie is well known for his fondness for baths with his Rubber Duckie and for trying to learn to play the saxophone because he wouldn't "put down the duckie."
Ernie was originally performed by Jim Henson. Vocally, Ernie strongly resembles one of Henson's other character creations, Kermit the Frog. Since Henson's death in 1990, Ernie has been performed by Muppeteer Steve Whitmire.
Ernie is a "live hands puppet", meaning that while operating the head of the puppet with his right hand, the puppeteer inserts his left hand into a T-shaped sleeve, capped off with a glove that matches the fabric "skin" of the puppet, thus "becoming" the left arm of the puppet. A second puppeteer usually provides the right arm, although sometimes the right arm is simply stuffed and pinned to the puppet's chest. Other puppets of this type include Cookie Monster and The Muppet Show's Fozzie Bear.

Ernie Merchandise

"Sesame Street Ernie Charm"
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Sesame Street Ernie Coffee Mug
Sesame Street Ernie Coffee Mug
Start your day with the smiling face of Sesame Street's Ernie! A cheery coffee cup with "Rise and Shine Rubber Ducky" written on the inside upper rim! Click here to see all of our Sesame Street Stuff! Click here to see all of our Coffee Mugs!
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Sesame Street Ernie Playset 8.5" Plush
Sesame Street Ernie Playset 8.5" Plush
A plush playset featuring Ernie and his rubber ducky... pack them up in their plush boat - the SS Rubber Ducky Officially licensed Sesame Street plush by GUND.Click here to see all of our Sesame Street Stuff! Click here to see all of our Plush Toys!
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"Activity Bath Time Ernie by Baby Gund"
"Ernie is dressed for Bath Time in his plush terry cloth robe and slippers. His pockets are filled with great activities for your little one. In one pocket comes a mirror and ducky washcloth, in the other a mini ducky that plays ''Rubber Ducky You're the One'' when pushed. Please Note: This item is currently on backorder until the end of Decemeber."
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Ernie Follows His Nose
Ernie Follows His Nose
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