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The Mighty Heroes

The Mighty Heroes was an animated television series created by Ralph Bakshi for the Terrytoons company.
The series is set in Good Haven, a city that is continually beset by various supervillains. When trouble occurs, the city launches a massive fireworks display to summon a quintet of high-flying superheroes into action.
The five heroes are:
* Strong Man who has incredible strength
* Rope Man who can use his rope-like body
* Tornado Man who has wind-based powers
* Cuckoo Man whose powers are simply bird-based
* Diaper Man who is the youngest of the group
The team members are clumsy accident-prone bumblers who often find themselves in silly situations. A typical occurrence has them hopelessly tangled together offering each other stock apologies, often while falling en masse into an even worse situation. However, after escaping the villain's deathtrap in the cliffhanger, the team always manages to prevail in the end. In an episode of Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures, the Mighty Heroes retired and became lawyers, with a firm called "Man, Man, Man, Man & Man.".
The series came about when the Terrytoons staff were pitching series proposals to the CBS television network, only to have them all rejected. When the CBS representatives asked if there were any other proposals, Bakshi, a junior animator invited to sit in on the meeting provided he stayed quiet, spoke up and improvised the proposed The Mighty Heroes on the spot.

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