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The comic book character Uncle Sam was a superhero version of the historic national personification, Uncle Sam, created by Will Eisner. Uncle Sam first appeared in National Comics #1 (July, 1940), published by Quality Comics during the Golden Age of Comic Books.
In that version, Uncle Sam was a mystical being who was the spirit of a slain patriotic soldier of the American Revolutionary War, but now appeared in the world whenever his country needed him. The character was used for a few years from 1940 to 1943 when it was discontinued.
DC Comics acquired the character as part of its acquisition of the Quality characters and he occasionally appeared as a supporting character as leader of the Freedom Fighters, a team of former Quality characters that briefly received its own title.
His origin was rewritten somewhat in The Spectre, where he was the third Uncle Sam, the first having been created in 1870, when the Spirit of America resurrected a political cartoonist who had been killed by Boss Tweed, and the second having fought in World War I. The new origin also states that, before this the Spirit of America had taken human form as the Minuteman, Brother Jonathan and, during the American Civil War, had been split in two as Johnny Reb and Billy Yank. It was also stated he had disappeared at the end of World War II, invalidating any previous appearances since then (although most of them had already been invalidated by the Crisis on Infinite Earths).
In The Spectre the Spirit was resurrected in a new form, called the Patriot, but has since reverted to Uncle Sam.
In an alternate DC time-line appearing in Superman/Batman, Uncle Sam became Green Lantern when Wonder Woman gave him Abin Sur's ring, as Hal Jordan was dead in this reality and wasn't able to take the power ring.
Uncle Sam was apparently killed by Sinestro in Infinite Crisis # 1, after the Freedom Fighters were sent to investigate a warehouse where the Society had been spotted. However, in #2 it was revealed that whilst the bodies of several Freedom Fighters had been strung up on the Washington Monument, Uncle Sam's was missing.
It has since been revealed that Uncle Sam will indeed survive and One Year Later will be attempting to form a new version of the Freedom Fighters.

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