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Ronin Warriors is the English version of the Japanese animated television series Yoroiden-Samurai Troopers (Legendary Armor Samurai Troopers). Yoroiden-Samurai Troopers (often abreviated to YST) was produced by Sunrise Animation Studio and Nagoya Television in Japan and aired in Japan from April 30, 1988 to March 4, 1989 and has a total of 39 episodes.
Ronin Warriors was produced by Graz Entertainment and it was recorded by the Ocean Group. Ronin Warriors first aired on American television during the summer of 1995 and subsequently appeared on the Sci-Fi Channel, and later, Cartoon Network. The series was released on DVD in 2003, including the original Japanese version with English subtitles on the reverse side of the disc.
At the time it was produced, Ronin Warriors was one of the more faithful English-version adapations of an anime series intended for television broadcast. While the opening and ending sequences, as well as the eyecatches, were replaced with new ones, and the Japanese title cards were removed, there were no cuts to the bodies of the episodes. Also noteworthy is that the episodes retained all of the original music.
Three direct-to-video sequels were produced: Gaiden, Kikôtei Densetsu, a.k.a: The Legend of the Inferno Armor and Message. There is also a YST manga as well as numerous novels and audio dramas based on the anime. While all the sequels have been released on DVD, the manga and audio dramas have not been made available in English.

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