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Zot! is a comic book created by Scott McCloud in 1984 and published by Eclipse Comics until 1990. There were a total of 36 issues, with the first ten in color and the remainder in black and white.
Main characters included:
Jenny, a sensitive teenage girl from our world.
Her older brother, Butch, who gets turned into a chimp on Zot's world.
Zachary T. Paleozogt, known as Zot, a blond haired, blue eyed hero from an alternate Earth who flies via rocket boots and fights villains with a ten-shooter laser gun. Zot's Earth shares certain elements with ours, but its futuristic technology is reminiscent of Golden Age SF.
Zot's Uncle Max, an eccentric inventor whose gadgets helped Zot fight crime.
Peabody, Zot's robot butler/guardian.
The comic has long been out of print. It was reprinted in several volumes: Book One (ISBN 0878164278), which collected issues 1-10; Book 2 (ISBN 0878164286), which collected issues 11-15 and 17-18; and Book 3 (ISBN 0878164294) which collected issues 16 and 21-27. Book 4, collecting the "real world arc" of issues 28-36, was to have been published by Kitchen Sink Press, but was a casualty of that company's turmoil.
In 2000, ten years after the last print issue appeared, McCloud brought the series back in webcomic format with a story called "Hearts And Minds," which comprised 440 panels spread out over 16 weekly installments.

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