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Warrior was a British anthology comic book that ran for 26 issues between March 1982 and January 1985. It was edited by Dez Skinn and published by his company Quality Communications, and was notable for publishing early work by noted comics writer Alan Moore, including V for Vendetta and Marvelman.
Rivalling 2000AD, Warrior won 17 Eagle Awards during its short run. Because of thorough distribution and its format, it was one of the comic books in the British market that relied little upon distribution through then format-driven specialist shops and expensive subscriptions for its sales base.

Warrior History

Skinn, former editorial director of Marvel UK, launched Warrior in an effort to create a similar mix of stories to the one he had previously put together for Marvel's Hulk Weekly, but with greater creative freedom and a measure of creator ownership. He recruited many of the writers and artists he had previously worked with at Marvel, including Steve Moore, John Bolton, Steve Parkhouse and David Lloyd, adding established creators like Brian Bolland and Dave Gibbons, and emerging young talent such as Alan Moore, Garry Leach, Alan Davis and Steve Dillon.
As a nod to American comics fans, Skinn intended to include Marvelman, an obscure British superhero from the 1950s with a massive backlog of available pages. Having seen the advantage of mixing old and new material at Marvel UK, he knew if he could reestablish the character for an '80s audience, he could later answer the by-then demand for a reprint of the original work. While original Marvelman packager Mick Anglo (co wrote many of the stories and lettered them all) was not terribly impressed with the eventual reworking, he saw the sense in it leading to reprints which he would then receive payment for. Skinn offered the scripting to his regular team, who he'd worked alongside since 1970 at IPC/Fleetway. First Parkhouse who had earlier worked for Marvel, then Steve Moore, who had worked on the pre-Marvel UK US-reprint line Power Comics. Neither felt comfortable with the idea of writing superheroes, and Moore suggested a friend Alan Moore (no relation) who had said in a fanzine that he had an ambition to revive the character. Alan Moore was offered the first script on spec and Skinn was impressed enough to give him the assignment. Artist David Lloyd had been asked to create a mystery strip in the vein of his Marvel UK hit Night Raven, and independently suggested Moore, with whom he had worked on Doctor Who and Star Wars stories at Marvel UK, as the writer; their collaboration became V for Vendetta.

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