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Tharg the Mighty

The Mighty Tharg is a recurrent character in science fiction comic 2000 AD, one of only two characters to appear in nearly every issue of the comic (the other being Judge Dredd). Other than a spate of strips in the early 1980s, Tharg rarely appears in stories, but instead purports to be the comic's editor.
Tharg is an alien from the fictional planet "Quaxxann", supposedly in orbit around the real-life star Betelgeuse (but he works in the publisher's office in England), with green skin and a "rosette of Sirius" on his forehead. His favorite food is said to be polystyrene cups. Tharg writes the comic's introduction, answers letters, and doles out prizes to readers (for artwork or story suggestions) - winners could choose payment either in pounds sterling or in "galactic groats". Tharg speaks mostly in English, but with various pithy Betelgusian aphorisms thrown in for colour. In one episode, a Tharg suit in the comic's office was explained as a skin that Tharg had shed.

Tharg the Mighty Merchandise

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