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Invasion! was a series created by Pat Mills and written by Gerry Finley-Day that appeared in the first 51 editions of the weekly comic book 2000 AD. The series introduced the character of Bill Savage, a classic anti-authoritarian character of the type which Mills is best known for.
Set in the year 1999, the series depicts a United Kingdom that has been swiftly over-run by an invasion from an Eastern European power called the "Volgan Republic of Asia" (a nation that combines the political philosophies of the Eastern Bloc (e.g the Soviet Union and her Warsaw Pact allies) and Nazi Germany). The UK Government capitulates and military resistance is depicted as being class bound and ineffectual. Bill Savage, an East-End lorry-driver begins a one-man resistance movement against the Volgans after his wife and children are killed when Savage's home is hit by a Volgan tank shell during the invasion. As with similar characters that Mills and Day had created for other titles such as Action and Battle Picture Weekly, Savage is given a gimmick, with a hauling hook and a sawn-off shotgun being his preferred weapons.

Invasion Merchandise

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