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Hanuman is a vanara who aided Rama (an avatar of Vishnu) in rescuing his wife, Sita, from the Rakshasa king Ravana. He symbolizes the pinnacle of bhakti, and is seen by some to have also been an avatar of Shiva. He is more well-known as the son of Vayu deva, or the wind god. He is believed by some scholars to be a source for the Chinese mythological character Sun Wukong.
Hanuman epitomizes virtue, strength, humility, siddhi and courage. While outsiders might find it odd to worship "a monkey", for Hindus, the idea is to worship the astoundingly righteous attributes represented by Hanuman that even most humans find hard to practice, such as Brahmacharya and Bhakti. In this way, Hanuman is viewed as a saint.
He is symbolized in Hinduism for his unwavering dedication to righteousness, unstinting performance of entrusted duties, and unfailing talents in serving his master Rama. He is given the role of a guru in several South Indian traditions, for his uniting Rama with Sita is likened to that of a teacher helping an individual soul realize the divine.
Hanuman is the epitome of Knowledge, Bhakti, Valour, Righteousness and Strength. These qualities never mix with one another. Shri Hanuman is the personification of all the good in this Creation. He is easily reachable - Just by chanting the name - 'Ram'.

Hanuman Movie

Hanuman is a 2005 animated film released by Sahara of India. It is India's first major commercial family animated feature.

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