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Super Commando Dhruva

Super Commando Dhruva is an Indian comic book character, one of a number of titles published by Raj Comics.
The series starts with 'Pratishodh ki Jwala' (‘fire of revenge’), in which Dhruva's parents are killed by a villain named Jubisco. Dhruva vows to take revenge and uses his martial arts skills to kill Jubisco.
He avenged the murder of his parents and was adopted by I.G. Rajan, a honest police officer. Very later in the story it was revelead that Dhurva has a family of Grandfather, Uncle, Aunt and a Cousin. His father Sham lost his memory thanks to Dhurva's Aunt. She along with her son tried to kill Dhruva but in the end she lands in the jail. Her aunt's son Looka had told Dhruva that his father was a murderer, accused of the murder of a police officer named, Lubek in France. Dhruva went to France and met Lubek 's daughter Vera. She helped him in his investigations which proved that his father was innocent. The real master-mind behind the murder was a criminal called Jigsaw, the maternal uncle of Looka. His orignal family is in Paris but after this story he never visited there and is staying with I.G. Rajan since then.
His only seemingly supernatural power is the ability to understand and talk to animals and birds (even sea creatures). Although this can, to some extent, be attributed to his childhood spent in Circus with all sorts of animals. Other than this, he is an excellent hand to hand combatant, with experience in all major martial arts. He is a perfect marksman too. He is also a first class detective and a brilliant strategist who is able to follow minute clues to locate and counter villains, much more powerful than him. He is observed frequently to face super human villains and is able to win over them by his sheer intelligence.

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